Solutions – Access to Clean Water is a Human Right

Access to drinking water is a human right. The past 6 weeks of a Boil Water Notice for the 12,000 residents of Prince Rupert (which was downgraded to a Water Quality Advisory on January 25, 2019) is a good reminder that we can’t take this human right for granted.

It’s not enough for those with money to buy water, cars to drive to the store, dishwashers to clean and sanitize dishes, or the means to boil water to have access to the clean water that everyone needs. When the water system breaks down, we should be ready to provide access on an emergency basis to those who need drinking water but don’t have the means to access it.

Let’s work together to ensure that everyone – and that means people everywhere – have the human right to accessible drinking water. Prince Rupert still needs to be better prepared, especially with the water system rebuilds taking years to complete. But we can’t stop with our own city. We must work together until every community in Canada has access to drinking water. And we must also work together until every community in the world has still same right recognized and realized.