Outreach – Jan. 18 Brown Bag Lunch at MLA Rice’s office

Today MLA Jennifer Rice invited community members to a brown bag lunch – to discuss a range of issues facing the community. I attended part of the lunch (the first half hour) to learn more, meet others interested in clean water and other issues, and to keep focused on reaching out in face-to-face meetings – instead of merely through Facebook and other social media exchanges.

The issue of clean water did come up during the lunch and people at the lunch discussed how the issue affected them – and their hopes for the city in terms of how this matter is resolved. There was a strong consensus expressed that we should keep things in perspective, work together as community, and always remember how the boil notice affects those who are most vulnerable differently from those who have access to store-bought water or the means to boil water at home.

MLA Jennifer Rice listened to the conversation and answered questions. I’ll let her speak for herself, but the topic of how long the boil water notice will continue was addressed by her. Rice said that she has reached out to Northern Health to learn more about how the issue is being addressed. From what I heard Rice say today, it seems that the boil water notice may not be lifted as soon as some have hoped.

I am hopeful that City Hall will soon update residents on the current status of test results – and clarify whether or not the notice will end soon – as we all hope. Given the many recent positive hints made by City Hall, suggesting that the notice is almost ready to be lifted, I was expecting a lifting of the notice at any moment. My question to City Hall: Is this still likely?

Posted by: Tom Kertes – volunteer organizer of Community for Clean Water

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