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News from the 2020 Water Quality Advisory

Day 1

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News from the 2018-19 Boil Water Event

Day 46

Northern View – Community organization asks for external review of water boil notice response

Day 45

North Coast Review – Clean Water Advocates set to make presentation to City Council tonight

Day 43 – Water Quality Advisory Announced

CBC News – City should develop a preparedness plan, citizen group says

North Coast Review – Prince Rupert Water Notice Downgraded to Water Quality Advisory

Day 43 – Boil Water Notice Lifted

North Coast Review – No News, is Bad news when it comes to City’s Boil Water Notice.

Day 37

Times Colonist – Citizens steam as boil water advisory in Prince Rupert, B.C., enters fifth week

Day 36

North Coast Review – MLA Rice to host Brown Bag Lunch event at Ocean Centre Mall office

North Coast Review – Time for council to put the focus on the major priorities for the city

North Coast Review – Council should not dismiss the public based on perceptions; but rather hear out their frustrations

Day 35

Northern View – Social media strains over Prince Rupert’s boil water notice

Northern View – Tom Kertes on the boil water notice and clean water crisis in Prince Rupert

Day 33

CBC News – Social media tensions boil over in Prince Rupert water advisory row

North Coast Review – Much of the same territory of the last month covered; along with a few new notes to share

Northern View – City asks residents to write MLA, MP to help with water issues

Day 32

Northern View – Mayor to provide update on Prince Rupert’s water

Day 29

Northern View – How neighbouring North Coast villages avoided the boil water notice

Day 28

Northern View – Prince Rupert resident is fed up with council’s stance on ongoing water issues

Day 26

Northern View – Impacts on Businesses

Day 15

Global News – No end in sight to Prince Rupert boil water advisory

Day 8

Northern View – Public health nurse, Christine Sorensen, raises concerns about the quality of water at the hospital

Day 7

Northern View – COLUMN: My relationship with water

Day 3

CTV News – Extreme weather sparks boil water advisory in Prince Rupert, B.C.

Day 1 – Boil Water Notice Announced

Northern View – Boil water notice in effect for Prince Rupert

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