Press Release – Lifting of Boil Water Notice is Good News

Please see PDF of today’s release in response to the news that the city’s Boil Water Notice has been downgraded to a Water Quality Advisory. Be sure to visit the city website to learn more.

Priorities – Following the Lifting of the Boil Water Notice:

  1. Recognize access to drinking water as a human right, and put in place measures that fulfill this right at the municipal level of government.
  2. Provide vulnerable residents with access to drinking water until the Water Quality Advisory is also lifted (especially since the advisory applies specifically to vulnerable residents).
  3. Stand up for access to drinking water for everyone, including for First Nations that routinely endure extended Boil Water Notices, Do Not Consume Notices, and Water Quality Advisories.
  4. Develop and plan for before, during, and after any future Boil Water Notice.
    • Independent investigation by an outside expert on water quality
    • Fully transparent process
    • Broad and extensive review, focusing on access, safety, health, wellness, and economic impacts of the water infrastructure rebuild and this (or any future) extended Boil Water Notice
    • Communicate with residents using official City platforms first
  5. Apply transparency and accountability measures to the remaining phases of the city government’s water infrastructure project.

Solutions – Clean Water Preparedness Plan (for Jan. 28 City Council presentation)

For Immediate Release

Prince Rupert Community Group Proposes Preparations for a Boil Water Notice

(PRINCE RUPERT, BC) Tom Kertes, volunteer organizer of Community for Clean Water, will give a presentation calling for a Clean Water Preparedness Plan at the Prince Rupert City Council meeting on January 28, 2019.

The City Council meeting, to be held 46 days after the boil water notice was announced on December 14, 2018, is the first time for residents to speak publicly before the City Council on this matter.

“This plan calls on the city government to be prepared before, during, and after any boil water notice,” said Kertes. “It’s time for City Hall to prioritize taking care of those who are most vulnerable whenever access to drinking water is restricted and to make its plans and priorities known to the public.”

Community for Clean Water calls on the City of Prince Rupert to recognize drinking water as a human right and to ensure that everyone has access to clean water, even during a boil water notice.

A copy of the plan is available for public review at

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PDF of release

PDF of the Clean Water Preparedness Plan (or click images below)