Civility Promise

Community for Clean Water is a community organization committed to clean water for everyone. We value clean water as a human right, good government and civic engagement, and transparency, accountability, and fairness. We recognize that human rights, like the human right to clean water, stem from the values of unconditional respect, universal dignity, and the sacredness of life.

Civic engagement requires civility.

Respect and dignity for all means always treating others with compassion. That’s why we promise to be civil in our discourse, even when standing up for what we believe in and when we call out or hold to account those in power.

Our civility promise to you:

  • We expect civility and respect from (and for) everyone – including by and from us to all others – and that is why we promise to treat others with respect and to behave honourably in all that we do and say.
  • This also means that we promise to hold ourselves to our own values, to advocate for what what believe to be right and urgent for the community at large, and to stand up for our priorities and commitments.
  • We will do what is in our power to ensure that the human rights of everyone are fully secured and respected – including the human right to clean water for everyone.

This means that we won’t:

  • Engage in name calling
  • Go on the personal attack
  • Lie or mislead
  • Knowingly spread false or untrue information (or be careless with the facts)
  • Be unethical, unjust, or unfair

This means that we will:

  • Ask tough questions – especially to those in power
  • Listen to all sides, value diversity, and make great effort to work together for common values and solutions for the community as a whole
  • Stand up for our position and hold strongly to our values and commitments (including by applying pressure, building power, demonstrating power, speaking truth to the powerful, uncovering wrong doings, and doing whatever we can to secure respect and dignity for everyone) – in ways that are truly respectful of others
  • Support our claims with evidence and facts
  • Admit our mistakes, retract statements that prove to be false, inaccurate, or wrong, and apologize when we act in error with without regard for the dignity of others
  • Be transparent, truthful, and honest
  • Treat others as if they truly believe in what they are doing (respecting that they believe, like us, that what they are doing is right and honourable)
  • Hold ourselves to scrutiny, just as we will hold public officials and others to the same standard of scrutiny and accountability
  • Treat everyone with fairness, stand in solidarity with all those who are in a struggle for justice and respect; we will conduct our work equitably

Civility is More than Just Being Polite. It’s also a code for working together in a civil society. In other words, it’s a code for being respectful of everyone. This requires a commitment to the truth (confirmable through transparency). In the interest of this, we also promise to fully disclose how our work is funded, how we use our funds, and any potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

Full Disclosure:

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