Community for Clean Water is brand new (it was launched on January 6, 2019) and is just getting started.

Right now we’re reaching out to other community organizations and residents to figure out more details for how get organized around the value of clean water for everyone, as a human right. This means that our structure is being developed – and will likely change.

In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, below are all donations and and expenses as of January 18, 2019. Expect regular updates to this page.

Financial Information

January 6, 2019 to January 18, 2019


  • Tom Kertes: $83.07


  • Domain name registration: $22.95 (Dreamhost)
  • Social media advertising: $60.12 (Facebook)

About Tom Kertes

Tom Kertes is a volunteer organizer of Community for Clean Water. Visit here to learn more about Tom.

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